Virtual Airliner - Version 2.117 Beta
Compete with the community and earn awards

Compete with the community and earn awards

Constantly evolving with new aircraft added

Constantly evolving with new aircraft added

A free online flight simulation game

A free online flight simulation game

Retro 3D graphics

Retro 3D graphics

Welcome To Virtual Airliner

This is the official site of HollettGaming's free online flash game, Virtual Airliner.

Virtual Airliner is a free online flight game in which you are the airliner.
Manage your flights and buy new planes to become the ultimate airline pilot.

Virtual Airliner is an ever evolving game, always under development and available to play now, but please note this is a work in progress.

Version History:

03/08/2013 - Version 2.117 Beta Released:
- NEW aircraft: F15E Strike Eagle.
- Bug Fix: New players crashing loop introduced in last version now solved.
- Menu updates

06/07/2013 - Version 2.116 Beta Released:
- NEW: Airport added.
- NEW aircraft: FMA IA 58 Pucará.
- NEW: Achievement added.
- Bug Fix: You will now get a new aircraft if you have none left and don't have enought funds to buy one.

09/05/2013 - Version 2.115 Beta Released:
- Bug Fix: No longer blow up on the ground when hitting cross sections of runways (thanks to 'uju', 'BJ3' and 'Ace Pilot')
- Small code optimisations

20/04/2013 - Version 2.114 Beta Released:
- NEW: 4 more Achievements added.
- Map updates, map size increased a little.
- Intro update.

18/04/2013 - Version 2.113 Beta Released:
- ALL NEW MAP SYSTEM! This introduces a few objects in the wrong place and a few issues with Palm Island, but we will sort that soon :-)
- Performance optimisations added to help with new more intensive map system
- Bug Fix: When crashing you will stay at the crash site again until you click continue.
- Licence 4 made easier to obtain (thanks to comments from Your_Halo).
- More detail added to achievements not yet complete (thanks to comments from Your_Halo).
- Default starting airport changed to Hollettville International.
- CRJ-700 Fuel adjusted.

17/12/2012 - Version 2.112 Beta Released:
- NEW: Achievement added.
- Palm Island updated.
- Texture updates.
- Mini Map updated.
- Small code optimisations.
- Bug Fix: You can no longer crash and get a free cesna and sell it for profit!
- Bug Fix: When you crash and reload the game later, you will no longer be where you crashed (you will be reset to an airport instead). This has added a new bug but is less restrictive to the game.

31/10/2012 - Version 2.110 Beta Released:
- NEW: Achievements System Overhaul.
- NEW: Achievement added.
- Bug Fix: Two minor menu fixes.
- Bug Fix: Fuzzy menu text fixed.
- 737-700 fuel usage decreased.

28/10/2012 - Version 2.109 Beta Released:
- NEW aircraft: Boeing 737-700.
- Airbus 319 reduced in cost.
- Buy aircraft navigation updated to allow more planes to be added!

23/10/2012 - Version 2.108 Beta Released:
- Drag added to the grass so you cant drive to an airport!
- More danger in landing off the runway, you may crash easier.

19/09/2012 - Version 2.107 Beta Released:
- Bug Fix: Funds totals not always updating is now resolved (thanks to Tim Mannion).
- Bug Fix: If all planes sold the airport menu will always open (thanks to Pizza Guy and William).
- Bug Fix: Can no longer still move once sold last aircraft.
- Bug Fix: Buy aircraft button sometimes didn't show is now resolved.
- Bug Fix: Fuel amounts in hanger sometimes set wrong when buying and selling aircraft is now resolved.
- Small menu adjustments.
- Context menu updates.

11/09/2012 - Version 2.106 Beta Released:
- Bug Fix: You will no longer explode if you hold 'up' while increasing speed on the ground.
- Bug Fix: You will now always crash if you hit the sea.
- Out of map area sea background added.
- Some code optimisations to improve performance.

26/08/2012 - Version 2.105 Beta Released:
- You can now click on and view achievements you do not yet have.
- NEW aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-700.
- Secret Changed.
- Sea now moves with the map.

08/07/2012 - Version 2.104 Beta Released:
- A380 maximum takeoff weight increased (to allow take off when full of fuel and passengers).
- Screen movement adjusted to stop aircraft going off the top as much.
- Learjet cost reduced.
- NEW aircraft: McDonnell Douglas MD-90
- Secret Added.
- Bug Fix: Running out of fuel off the runway now allows a reset.

23/06/2012 - Version 2.103 Beta Released:
- Learjet fuel adjusted further.
- Microlight fuel adjusted.
- Cessna fuel adjusted.
- Fuel display in purchase aircraft section now represents real world fuel capacity.
- Various menu updates.

20/06/2012 - Version 2.102 Beta Released:
- Bug Fix: Learjet fuel load amended to correct fuel level issue. Existing fuel loads will still see the bug until the fuel is used.
- Additional updates made to the save functions to help combat the issue with losing all your progress. Let us know if you still get this of course.

15/04/2012 - Version 2.101 Beta Released:
- NEW aircraft: Boeing 777-200 added.
- Fuel capacity and consumption updates to bring more in line with real aircraft.

30/03/2012 - Version 2.100 Beta Released:
- Flash now pulls in the data for fuel on each aircraft you own.
- Bug Fix: Fuel for each aircraft you own will not get re-filled to full when changing aircraft in the hanger.
- Fuel will save for each aircraft you own, not just the selected aircraft.
- Small code optimisations.
- Autosave indicator added.
- Bug Fix: Duplicate autosave calls now prevented.

15/01/2012 - Version 2.099 Beta Released:
- Runways on the mini map now show in the correct orientation.
- Bug Resolved: When no plane is found in a hanger slot on loading the game just a shadow appeared. This was a huge bug and now the game will check your other slots for a plane in case one is in there instead, this should solve most log in issues (but not all so keep us updated if you have further issues!).
- New flight summary screen shown after a flight is completed.
- Flights now cost a little extra depending on the aircraft. Now takes into account cabin crew wages, general wear and tear costs and the costs of in flight meals and entertainment. This was suggested by many members as the bigger aircraft are too easy to earn money with.

31/10/2011 - Version 2.098 Beta Released:
- This release resolves many save game bugs.
- Bug Resolved: Game wouldn't save when stopping at an airport unless you dropped off passengers.
- Bug Resolved: Stats would randomly clear sometimes when logging in and loose all progress.
- Bug Resolved: Game wouldn't always save when selling an aircraft.
- Additional game logging has been added. This helps track further bugs for future updates.
- Logging added to most aspects of the game such as stopping at an airport, loading passengers, buying a plane, selling a plane and refuelling etc.

17/09/2011 - Version 2.097 Beta Released:
- New hanger available.
- You can now own up to 4 aircraft.
- You can now sell aircraft.
- You can now change aircraft at any airport if you have more than one.
- Idea of assets removed for now.

09/08/2011 - Version 2.096 Beta Released:
- All 4 licences now made easier to obtain.
- Codebase optimisations.
- Frame rate improvements.
- Scenery updates made.
- Help screen controls updated with all the latest usable keys.
- In game options screen and button added.

08/07/2011 - Version 2.095 Beta Released:
- Microlight price reduced.
- Buy plane screen made larger to accommodate more text and aircraft to come.
- Aircraft descriptions added to the buy plane screen.
- Opening the help menu will now close all other open windows.
- All menu windows will now close if you are moving.

04/07/2011 - Version 2.094 Beta Released:
- Preloading updated to combat first load issues.
- Code optimisations.

03/07/2011 - Version 2.093 Beta Released:
- NEW Microlight completed and added.
- Building hit detection vastly improved.

04/06/2011 - Version 2.091 Beta Released:
- NEW Concorde completed and added.
- Small Menu Updates.

31/05/2011 - Version 2.089 Beta Released:
- Class 4 licence now a little easier to obtain.
- Crash menu text added to advise on what happens to your money and aircraft after crashing.
- Bug resolved: It was not possible to land on South Island!

02/05/2011 - Version 2.088 Beta Released:
- NEW Airbus A380 completed and added.
- Achievement icons updated.

28/04/2011 - Version 2.087 Beta Released:
- Licence system built in, you now need to acquire a licence to fly certain aircraft.
- Acquire a licence by completing certain criteria such as number of flights complete.
- Correct position of the funds adding for deduction popup, now shows near CR display when spending cash.
- 3 new achievements added.

18/04/2011 - Version 2.0861 Beta Released:
- Two more new building graphics complete.
- Added a few more buildings to the map.
- Corrected placement of one control tower (was in the sea!).
- Small code optimisations to help keep down the games file size.
- NEW Airbus A319 completed and added.
- Plane Speeds updated to better reflect real differences in speed between aircraft. The Learjet is now a little faster for example.

13/04/2011 - Version 2.085 Beta Released:
- New building graphics added to core code.
- Ruin added to Rebel Island.
- Airports now all have a control tower building.

05/04/2011 - Version 2.0841 Beta Released:
- New Hotel added to Dayaramarni Island.
- New Swimming Pool added to Dayaramarni Island.
- Auto save fully complete, removed the manual save button.
- Fuel bug fixed (full never ran out!).
- More building objects in the making, will be added to the map soon.
- 2 more achievements added (can you find out what they are?).

30/03/2011 - Version 2.083 Beta Released:
- Buildings Crash detection updated to be a little more accurate.
- Fuzzy text issue resolved.
- NEW Learjet 45 added.
- Loading new flash file bug still present (sorry we can't solve this yet, just reload the page).

27/03/2011 - Version 2.082 Beta Released:
- Building Crash detection now in place (to be improved later).
- Dayaramarni Island gets some palm trees added.
- 3 new airports added.
- 3 new buildings added, see them at Central City.

23/03/2011 - Version 2.081 Beta Released:
- Bug when crashing set your fuel to zero now resolved.
- Added new reset to send you back to Hollettville Airport with a Cessna on crashing. Don't worry, only your plane and location is reset.
- Crash screen added with continue button.
- Performance enhancements, game should run a little smoother.
- Dayaramarni Island updated to have a bit of sand around it!
- Landing in the sea will now cause you to crash.

22/03/2011 - Version 2.08 Beta Released:
- Last known location is now stored. You should end up where you left off, instead of back at Hollettville each time you load the game.
- Bug with floating 'back' and 'close' buttons resolved.
- Minor code enhancements.

21/03/2011 - Version 2.079 Beta Released:
- Crash landing is now possible. Hit the ground too fast and you will go up in flames! Note we have not yet programed a reset for this. You will need to reload the page if you crash.
- Upon crashing, you will be given a new Cessna aircraft at no cost. We have to keep you flying somehow!
- Loading bug now resolved (let us know if you get any issues with loading your game).

18/03/2011 - Version 2.078 Beta Released:
- Various small bug fixes.
- Additional Airline data now shown in-game such as total flights, passengers and assets.
- 5th airport added.
- Minimap re-coded, should now be more in line.
- Bug with certain encryption/decryption resolved.

17/03/2011 - Version 2.075 Beta Released:
- Added initial main menu screen.
- Bug found in some instances of the decryption when loading the game. If you get this error, please reload the page.

15/03/2011 - Version 2.074 Beta Released:
- Added popup for save game so you know the data has saved.
- Added new loading screen during data fetching.
- Resolved bug when loading the game for the first time. (**Edit - Not resolved**)
- Extra save data added so game now saves fuel, funds, aircraft owned and achievements.
- Autosave now in place, this maintains your game saves at key points in the game.
- Minimap issue resolved, plane location now shown on the map. Fine tuning required at later date since it is not quite synced.

14/03/2011 - Version 2.073 Beta Released:
- Flash (Client side) Encryption method now completed.
- Partial Saves games now possible. Ability to save current aircraft owned and total funds. Other attributes to be added to save games soon.
- Save game button added to save game at any point (this may be removed at a later date in place of auto saving).

08/03/2011 - Version 2.072 Beta Released:
- Unfinished Night Mode removed. This caused a crash previously on first load of the game. Night Mode to be added again later.
- Third Aircraft removed as animations unfinished
- Minimap issue due to new scrolling method. To be resolved at later date.

04/03/2011 - Version 2.071 Beta Released:
- Website Login and registration created and made live.
- First BETA TEST version released the live site.
- Data load into the game updated and integrated on the live site.
- No ability to save your game yet, sorry!

08/02/2011 - Version 2.05 Pre-Beta (not yet released):
- Console menu updates.
- Additional keyboard controls added, can now use wasd keys as well as arrow keys.
- Help page updated.
- Target thrust selection added. Use the number keys to set a target speed instantly.
- Performance improvements.
- Minimap update.

02/02/2011 - Version 2.04 Pre-Beta (not yet released):
- Server side Encryption and decryption finished.
- Flash (Client side) decryption finished. Still need to add flash encryption.

25/01/2011 - Website Updates:
- New logos created.
- Website updated.

17/01/2011 - Version 2.03 Pre-Beta (not yet released):
- Mini map now has airports marked. Code added to highlight the airport when destination is set.
- No Fly Zone added to minimap.

15/01/2011 - Version 2.02 Pre-Beta (not yet released):
- Active range for objects added to increase performance (similar to draw distance but off screen).
- Map and mini map sync updates.
- Runway lights added.
- Building depth detection added, you can now fly in-front or behind a building.
- New Buildings added.
- 3rd Airport added.
- Load data can now set starting position of your aircraft.

29/10/2010 - Website Updates:
- Various Website Updates.

13/10/2010 - Version 2.02 Pre-Beta (not yet released):
- Integration with database to load some limited data from user profiles.
- 2 Aircraft added and animations complete.

25/06/2010 - Version 2.01 Pre-Beta (not yet released):
- Initial game framework and idea scoped.
- Main core functionality created.
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