Virtual Airliner - Version 2.117 Beta

01/11/2011 - Bug Fix Release

Hi All,

Today we released a major bug fix update that we have been working hard on over the last month.

This release resolves many save game bugs:
- Bug Resolved: Game wouldn't save when stopping at an airport unless you dropped off passengers.
- Bug Resolved: Stats would randomly clear sometimes when logging in and loose all progress.
- Bug Resolved: Game wouldn't always save when selling an aircraft.
- Additional game logging has been added. This helps track further bugs for future updates.
- Logging added to most aspects of the game such as stopping at an airport, loading passengers, buying a plane, selling a plane and refuelling etc.

These updates are to make the game more stable, unfortunately they don't add much in the way of 'extra content'.
This will be something in further releases.

Of course we would love to hear from you if you have any more issues or come across a nasty bug, let us know here: Report a bug
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