Virtual Airliner - Version 2.117 Beta

15/01/2012 - Patch Update Released

Hello fellow Virtual Airliner fans,

Today we released a new patch, version 2.099.

This update contains the following:

- Runways on the mini map now show in the correct orientation.
- Bug Resolved: When no plane is found in a hanger slot on loading the game just a shadow appeared. This was a huge bug and now the game will check your other slots for a plane in case one is in there instead, this should solve most log in issues (but not all so keep us updated if you have further issues!).
- New flight summary screen shown after a flight is completed.
- Flights now cost a little extra depending on the aircraft. Now takes into account cabin crew wages, general wear and tear costs and the costs of in flight meals and entertainment. This was suggested by many members as the bigger aircraft are too easy to earn money with.

Let us know if you have any issues due to this update.

Happy flying.

The Virtual Airliner Team
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