Virtual Airliner - Version 2.117 Beta

31/03/2012 - Version 2.100 Released

Version 2.100 has been released today.

The update brings in more code improvements and also a few bug fixes.

- The game now pulls in the data for fuel on each aircraft you own.
- Bug Fix: Fuel for each aircraft you own will not get re-filled to full when changing aircraft in the hanger.
- Fuel will save for each aircraft you own, not just the selected aircraft.
- Small code optimisations.
- Autosave indicator added.
- Bug Fix: Duplicate autosave calls now prevented.

Due to the new updates and database values added for the new fuel system, users may find more or less fuel for some aircraft they own. This was an un-avoidable update.

Look out for more news of new aircraft soon!
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