Virtual Airliner - Version 2.117 Beta

23/06/2012 - Website Updates and new version 2.103

Today we released version 2.103 with the following updates:

- Learjet fuel adjusted further.
- Microlight fuel adjusted.
- Cessna fuel adjusted.
- Fuel display in purchase aircraft section now represents real world fuel capacity.
- Various menu updates.

Some of the fuel updates will see existing fuel loads report incorrectly due to the major changes they have had.
This will level out once you use existing fuel loads up.

The website has had a few updates too, there are now 'Community Awards' icons, for those loyal members who have contributed to the games development. Look out for the new icons appearing next to members names in the pilot center and don't forget to report any issues to us or new feature requests via the contact page.

Happy flying!
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