Virtual Airliner - Version 2.117 Beta

18/04/2013 - Latest release 2.113 - New Map System

Today we have released a new Map Generation system!

This is a vastly improved map tiling method which will enable us in future to create expanded maps much easier!
There are a few glitches with the new map system which we are now working on, such as Palm Island having flat eges and a few objects floating in the sea!

This release was pretty complicated to achieve so has taken much longer than we thought, sorry for the delay.
From now though, the updates will be much easier and you should expect to see a bigger map in upcoming releases.

There is a lot of feedback from the community, making the map bigger and adding more airports was one of the most asked for updates, hence why this update has been made. Keep your feedback coming so we can improve this game for you all.

This update also comes with a few other bonuses along the way, here they are:

- Performance optimisations added to help with new more intensive map system
- Bug Fix: When crashing you will stay at the crash site again until you click continue.
- Licence 4 made easier to obtain (thanks to comments from Your_Halo).
- More detail added to achievements not yet complete (thanks to comments from Your_Halo).
- Default starting airport changed to Hollettville International.
- CRJ-700 Fuel adjusted.
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